About the Journal

The logo for the Irish American Cultural Institute, featuring a Celtic design

The Irish American Cultural Institute is the proud publisher of the journal Éire-Ireland, which first appeared in 1966. In the years since its launch it has become the premier journal devoted to Irish Studies in North America. The journal is published twice a year in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter issues. It is interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary in scope, and its issues feature articles from a wide chronological range. The journal also features articles dealing with the literature and history of the Irish global diaspora. Éire-Ireland is available in print and electronic versions; the electronic version is a publication of Project MUSE of the Johns Hopkins University Press. In electronic form the journal is available in more than 2,700 libraries and other institutions around the world. Project MUSE also offers back issues of Éire-Ireland to its subscribers for the period 1994-present.